#15. The good, the bad, the ugly, and AWS

Topics: Architecture, databases, data thoughts, AWS, Amazon EMR

How the Modern Data Stack is Reshaping Data Engineering — Max Beauchemin @ Preset Blog.

One of the first data engineers at Facebook and Airbnb, he wrote and open sourced the wildly popular orchestrator, Apache Airflow, followed shortly thereafter by Apache Superset, a data exploration tool that’s taking the data viz landscape by storm. Currently, Max is CEO and co-founder of Preset. His article is worth to be read. Do you still have doubts?

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How to Build Your Data Reliability Stack — Barr Moses @ Towards Data Science Blog.

What do you need to not worry about your data.

level:medium topic:architecture

The physical structure of an SQL index — Kelvin Gakuo @ Medium.

Good article to brush up your knowledge about indexes before the interview.

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Landing data on S3: the good, the bad, and the ugly — Sergey Ivanychev @Joom Blog at Medium.

How Joom consumes events from Kafka into the Data Platform.

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Announcing Amazon EMR Serverless (Preview): Run big data applications without managing servers — AWS Big Data Blog.

EMR Serverless is in a public preview now!

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Written on December 7, 2021