#17. Pasha discovers dbt

Topics: Community, dbt, Apache Kafka, Apache Spark, streaming

Apache Spark Performance Boosting — Halil Ertan @ Towards Data Science.

We understand, that it’s just a few hacks about Spark optimizations, but it’s a nice way to start.

level:medium topic:spark

4 Key Design Principles and Guarantees of Streaming Databases — Guozhang Wang @ Confluent.

In the modern, we are more and more faced with streaming data. The approaches to designing streaming databases are different compared to commonly known “static” relational databases. This article introduces important principles of how to build such systems.

level:medium topic:streaming

How I started out with dbt — Pasha Finkelshteyn @ JetBrains Blog.

If you ever wanted to try dbt you can do it with Pasha. Many pictures and code snippets are included for free :)

level:medium topic:dbt

7 Must-Know Data Buzzwords in 2022 — Coco Li @ Medium.

Just check your knowledge!

level:beginner topic:community

What does In-Sync Replicas in Apache Kafka Really Mean? — Lovisa Johansson @ CloudKarafka.

A little article for better understanding the separation line between producer and consumer guarantee. It’s also useful for a better understanding of how exactly one guarantee can be rich and which cost does it has

level:beginner topic:kafka

Written on January 28, 2022