#18. Consistency fundamentals by Leo Tolstoy

Topics: Architecture, consistency, culture, databases, data quality, storage engine

Anna Concurrenina — Kyle Kingsbury @ Scala Days Chicago 2017

Kyle Kingsbury is known for his project jepsen. In this talk, Kyle told about databases lies.
Almost all databases claim the consistency model, but this model usually has holes. It is very interesting to know which exactly holes were in which databases.

level:advanced topic:consistency topic:databases type:video

How Airbnb Built “Wall” to prevent data bugs — Subrata Biswas @ Airbnb Tech Blog.

Data Wall sounds impressive. Especially if it’s AirBnb framework for offline data quality checks.

level:medium topic:data-quality

Stop Treating Your Data Engineer Like a Data Catalog — Barr Moses @ Medium.

Data engineers are not data catalogs! That says it all. There is a small guide on how to make a dream come true.

level:medium topic:culture

What Every Programmer has to know about Database Storage — Alex Petrov.

In the world of Big Data, it’s important to know how Database Storage works in order to be able to pick the right tool for the job. The talk covers evaluation techniques to choose storage with the best read, write, or best suitable for your data.

level:advanced topic:databases topic:storage-engine type:video

Understanding the Metrics Store — Joanna He @ Kyligence Blog.

The article about Minerva, Airbnb’s metric platform (digests #9 and #12), seems unique, but it’s actually not. The term seeps into everyday life and no longer looks so unusual. This simple article will shed light on the essence of the metric store.

level:medium topic:architecture

Written on February 11, 2022