#29. Advent of Data

Topics: Cost management, dbt, education, practices, Snowflake, storage engine

Solving Advent of Code with DuckDB and DBT — Graham Wetzler

Have you ever thought about solving Advent of Code using SQL? While ones dream others do.

Bonus: Do you know about Advent of Data? It is a set of articles on various data topics designed in the advent calendar style.

level:medium topic:dbt

Distinct aggregation optimization in Apache Calcite and Trino — Querify Labs Blog

Good and detailed description of how DISTINCT is implemented in Calcite and Trino engines.

level:medium topic:storage-engine

The Chaos Data-Engineering Manifesto — Shane Murray @ Towards Data Science Blog

Very vital and easy-to-read article about the adaptation of chaos engineering to meet the needs of data engineers. “Nothing acts like prod, but prod. And nothing fails like prod, but prod.”

level:medium topic:practices

Essential Snowflake Cost Reduction Strategies — Niall Woodward @ select.dev Blog

Cloud can help you to release MVP as soon as possible. But also in final you can be bare as a bone. How to prevent it?

level:medium topic:cost-management topic:snowflake

The Data Engineer’s Roadmap — James Phoenix

You will say: “Oh, another one article about how to be a data engineer.” But! Firstly, there are new data engineers who want to grow. Secondly, we have team leads here so that they can share this article with colleagues. Additional materials included <3

level:beginner topic:education

Written on March 4, 2023