#31. Data-driven is a new black

Topics: Architecture, data modeling, distributed systems

Software Architecture and Design InfoQ Trends Report - April 2023 — InfoQ

Data engineers are dealing with code as much as with data. It means that software architecture and design are not alien to us.

level:medium topic:architecture

Introducing Entity-Centric Data Modeling for Analytics — Maxime Beauchemin @ Preset Blog

Entity-centric data modeling (ECM) introduction from Maxime Beauchemin, CEO Preset and creator and lead committer on Apache Airflow and Apache Superset. Just imagine that metrics can also live in the dimension tables and go to read.

level:medium topic:data-modeling

The end of a myth: Distributed transactions can scale — Murat Demirbas Blog

Analysis of the paper of the same name. If you want to switch your mind, then remote direct memory access and snapshot isolation are waiting for you.

level:advanced topic:distributed-systems

Using Metrics Layer to Standardize and Scale Experimentation at DoorDash — Arun Balasubramani @ DoorDash engineering blog

It’s not the first article about metric’s layer in our blog, but again it worth to be seen. Motivation and challenges are waiting for you.

level:medium topic:architecture

Your Data Catalog Shouldn’t Be Just One More UI — Mahdi Karabiben

When a data catalog is not only for business users.

level:medium topic:architecture

Written on April 18, 2023