#32. Follow the Spark

Topics: Architecture, databases, Apache Spark, practices

Spark SQL Query Engine Deep Dive – Adaptive Query Execution: part I & part II – Linxiao Ma

It’s absolutely brilliant blog. I adore it. These articles declares Spark Adaptive Query Execution very deeply.

level:advanced topic:spark

5 Helpful Extract & Load Practices for High-Quality Raw Data — Sven Balnojan

What layer do you focus on when creating data architecture? If it’s not Raw, then this article is for you. 5 points that will save your time n future.

level:medium topic:architecture topic:practices

Following a database read to the metal — Hussein Nasser

Exciting adventure into the query path to data.

level:medium topic:databases

Spark Connect Available in Apache Spark 3.4 — Databricks Blog

Just to keep in touch with a new Spark features. Give it up for Spark Connect.

level:medium topic:spark

Functional Data Engineering — a modern paradigm for batch data processing — Maxime Beauchemin

It’s very old. But quite conceptual.

level:medium topic:architecture

Written on May 6, 2023