#34. Score your data zoo

Topics: Architecture, consistency, data modeling, data platform, data quality, streaming

Is Kimball Still Relevant? — Joe Reis Blog

Quite a vital question! Links inside the post also have vital questions. If you’re thinking of dropping a detailed layer on DWH, you should read it.

level:medium topic:data-modeling

The Zoo of Consistency Models — The Educative Team

Consistency models are something that you have constantly refresh in your memory.

level:advanced topic:consistency

Seven Principles of Cloud-Native Architecture — Alibaba Cloud Native Community Blog

Clear explanation of cloud-native architecture principles.

level:medium topic:architecture

Streaming SQL in Data Mesh — Netflix Blog

If you’re writing a Data Platform in your company, there are not too many insights here. But at least one is guaranteed: how the Data Platform’s UI can look.

level:medium topic:data-platform topic:streaming

Data Quality Score: The next chapter of data quality at Airbnb — Airbnb blog

Absolutely brilliant approach of identifying data quality for all company data assets. Quite realistic approach.

level:advanced topic:data-quality

Written on December 15, 2023